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Welcome to the SengokuxJidai, I be Kaede. *scratches wrinkled head at computer*

The rules for this journey be simple:

1. Ye must remain in character at all times!
2. Neglect not your comrades. *nods*
3. Make ye a "Livejournal" with which to write in.

(OOC: Before choosing a char, please contact one of the mods)

Here be the travelers thus far:

Inuyasha - inuyashas_lj

Inu-Yasha is a half-human, half-demon hybid, Inu-Yasha assists Kagome in her search for the shards of the jewel. The charmed necklace he wears allows Kagome to restrain him with a single word.

Kagome - lovely_kagome

Kagome is a modern-day Japanese schoolgirl. She is also the reincarnation of Kikyo, the priestess who imprisoned Inu-Yasha for fifty years with her enchanted arrow. Kagome has the power to see shikon jewel shards wherever they may be hidden.

Shippo - shippos_lj

Shippo is an orphaned kitsune that travels with Inuyasha and friends. He can shape shift and use foxfire.

Souta - souta_lj

Souta is the younger brother of Kagome.

Miroku - buddhist_houshi

Miroku is an easygoing Buddhist priest with questionable morals. He is the carrier of a curse passed down from his grandfather. Miroku is searching for the demon Naraku, who first inflicted the curse.

Sango - tragic_taijiya

Sango is a demon exterminator from the village where the shikon jewel was first formed.

Yura of the Hair - yuraoths_lj

Yura is an Obi that weaves the hair of her victims into webs.

Sesshomaru - thissesshomaru

Sessho-maru is Inu-Yasha's half-brother. He is the full demon son of the same father.

Rin - cutie_rin

Rin was revived from death with Sesshomaru's Tensega. She is the human child that follows him on his travels.

Jaken - jaken_sama

Jaken is Sesshomaru’s subordinate. He is a toad youkai that carries the staff of heads. Sesshomaru once saved Jaken’s life so he now dedicates himself to serving the demon Lord.

Koga - youkai_koga

Koga is the leader of the wolf pack. He carries two jewel shards in his legs and refers to Kagome as "his woman", which makes Inuyasha insanely jealous.

Ayame - kougas_ayame

Ayame is the wolf tribe leader's grand daughter. After the tribe was attacked by evil spirits, she came to find Koga to help out. Koga also promised to marry her many years ago. Unfortunately, Koga has now found his new love (Kagome) and refuses to marry Ayame.

Kagura - windsuccubus

Kagura was created by Naraku to be his puppet. She is a wind demon and can manipulate the dead.

Kanna - kannas_lj

One of Naraku's carnations. She uses her mirror to devour souls

The black Miko(Tsubaki) - tsubakis_lj

Tsubaki is a fallen priestess. In her youth she envied Kikyo because she was chosen over her to purify the jewel. She recieved youth from Naraku in exchange for cursing Inuyasha and Kagome.

Kikyo - xmiko_kikyox

Kikyo is a powerful priestess who died protecting the Shikon jewel, and has been resurrected by magic. She and Inuyasha once shared a special bond

Naraku - narakusama

Naraku is the enigmatic demon mastermind who has caused the miseries of nearly everyone in the story. When human, he was the injured bandit Onigumo, who yearned for Kikyo. He allowed his physical body to be possessed by demons in exchange for satiating his desires. He became the demon Naraku and is the ultimate bad guy in the series.

Jakotsu - inuyashaismine

Jakotsu was a member of the Shichinintai. They were seven merciless mercenaries that killed men, women and children ruthlessly until they were stopped by an army and put to death. They were later resurrected by Naraku to do his bidding.

Hojo - hojos_journal

Hojo goes to school with Kagome in Tokyo. He often visits her when she is "sick" and is very naieve. He asks her out on dates and she either refuses or stands him up every time.

Amaya (original) - amayas_lj

Amaya is a half-human, half-neko demon hybrid living in modern Tokyo.

Maggie (original) - morbidangyl

Maggie is an exchange student from the United States. She lives with her host family and they live next door to Kagome.

Sakuronin (original) - sakuronin_lj

Sakuronin is a laid back hanyou living in the modern era in Tokyo Japan.  He is a kitsune hanyou and as such blends in with humans quite well.  He has posed as a human throughout his 400 year existence, but now finds himself a rather unsuccessful 20 year old shifting from job to job.  As his name suggests (saku - remembrance of the Lord) (ronin - masterless samurai), he is something of a rogue, knowledgeable of history having lived some of it himself, but is not unfriendly.

Hisaki (original) - hisaki_kitsune

Hisaki is a full demon kitsune. His age is unknown, but he appears to be 25. Not too much is known about him. The only thing that is known, is that he is very dangerous.

Akihiro (aka "Mister Lee") (original) - mister__lee

Mister Lee is the last member of his shadow demon clan, which was eradicated in 1368. He wears a permanent Kanji character on his cheek that symbolizes "death", labling him the "bringer of death" among his clan. After the destruction of his kin, he lost his left eye in a battle with Inuyasha's father, Inutaisho. Akihiro sought to take revenge on Inutaisho for mutilating him, but the dragon, Ryuukotsusei beat him to it. He learned of the shikon jewel 200 years after Inutaisho's death..but by then it had been shattered and dispersed thoroughout Japan. Now named "Mister Lee", Akihiro has given up his quest for the jewel and has become a frightening ringleader of a military weapons smuggling ring in Tokyo. But what will happen when he discovers Kagome Higurashi, who has the very jewel fragments he spent half a thousand years searching for? We will see....

Kazumasa (original) - kazumasa

"I feel like I've been wandering for years...
Do you know what it feels like to be without someone? To be so utterly alone? Of course not. Only I feel that way. I don't age like normal people, I never have. Mother died 250 years ago. Thats right, I said 250 years. No, I'm not crazy..at least i don't think so. I dont know why I still look the way I do after all this time. I still look 25 but...I know that I'm much older than that. What the hell am I? Who the hell am I! I never knew my father...never knew anyone but mother. She was torn from me. I had to watch her age and die while I stayed the same. You could never imagine how hard it was to witness the life drain from her, to watch her raven hair turn white, her radiant smile wither. Theres nothing left for me but to wander. I will find my father. I will find who and what I am...even if it kills me."

Kiri (original) - not_a_traitor

"Whoever has the fortune of coming across this journal, consider it my last will and testament. I know he will find me very soon and finish what he started. That bastard. My work was indispensable to him and his vulnerablitiy to sunlight. Well I hope he fries and you can quote me on that. I hope Mister Lee fries the next time he walks out in the light of day without my aid...and I hope he continues to fry in the darkest level of hell."

4. Here be the travelers yet to appear (OOC: ones that are available to you)

Kohaku - Sango's 11 year old demon slayer brother. He is under Naraku's control.
Myoga - Myoga is an old flea demon that serves Inuyasha. He provides helpful advice but runs when danger is near.
Ginta - Ginta is part of Koga's wolf pack.
Nobunaga - Nobunaga is a commoner in love with a Princess. He travels with a little monkey and is clumsy.
Princess Abi -
Totosai - Totosai is the forger of Tetsusaiga and Tenseiga. (Inuyasha and Sesshomaru's swords) He also knew their father very well.
Kaede - Kaede is the kid sister of Kikyo. She is a wise old Miko that advises Inuyasha and Kagome on their quest for the jewel.

(Well there you have it folks. These are open as well as any that I have overlooked *)
(original characters welcomed~)

(Members may interact through personal posts in their journals or posts in the community journal…as well as online AIM conversations. The following members are available to rp online:)

Members on AIM

Kagome- Lovely x Kagome

Inuyasha- Inuxhatexosuwari

Sesshomaru - ThisPerfectBlood

Koga- Kagome_n_Koga

Sango -

Rin - Rinbutterfly

Souta - soutasamurai

Jaken - doormatjaken

Jakotsu - ChasesBoys7362

Naraku - Harley L Quinn

Kikyo - xMiko x Kikyox

Maggie (original character) - morbidxangyl

Amaya (original character)- ajadedneko

Sakuronin (original character) - sakuronin

OOC: If you want to be added to this list, contact one of the mods

*shakes head* Be ye wary fellow traveler...The journey to collect the jewel of four souls be a difficult and dangerous path. If ye find yourself in need of aid...contact Inuyasha or Miroku. *chuckles* Alas, unlike the two of them I be unskilled at the art of "Instant Messaging"...

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