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Saku: i don't wanna hear it
Amaya: *blinks*
Saku : *mutters* nevermind
Amaya: ...what are you talking about?
Amaya: *leans forward in her seat* Saku?
Saku: *closes his laptop* it's nothing, really.
Amaya: So just tell me
Saku: *growls a bit, getting out of his seat* i said it was nothing
Amaya: *her ears twitch and flatten to the back of her head at the growl*
Amaya: What the hell has gotten into you? *puts the newspaper she was reading down on the coffee table*
Saku: *rubs his temples* i don't know....just all this sitting around...lying low...wasting time...
Amaya: *sighs*
Saku: *growls more audibly* that bastard is still out there
Amaya: I know
Amaya: *stands up and walks over to him, slipping her arms around him from behind*
Saku: *sighs*
Saku: *the phone rings*
Amaya: *blinks and slowly steps back, releasing saku*
Amaya: *Scratches her ear* you wanna get it?
Saku: *blinks, and with a sigh walks over to the phone*
Saku: *a bit too harshly* yeah?
Amaya: *winces a bit at his tone and runs a hand through her hair*
Amaya: *walks to the kitchen, gently placing a hand on his back as she passes and grabs a glass of water*
Saku: *saku stops--frozen*
Amaya: *furrows her brows slightly and sets the glass down, her ears twitching slightly as she watches him*
Saku: *tries to find voice*'s me....
Amaya: *stays still, her hand on the counter, her ears perked, picking up the person's voice over the phone, but unable to make out the words*
Saku: ...i...i know...
Amaya: *shifts nervously, wondering what's going on*
Saku: ...when? where?
Saku: *frantically grabs a pen and paper and scrawls out a time and place* alright, i'll be there
Amaya: *blinks as she glance to the piece of paper*
Saku: *pauses*'s good to hear you....jiro-san
Amaya: *her eyes widen*
Saku: *hangs up and immediately takes the paper and rushes to find his coat*
Amaya: Wait a second! *runs after him and grabs his arm*
Saku: i don't have much time!
Amaya: Let me go with you
Saku: amaya....
Amaya: *goes to say something, but stops and looks down to the floor, letting go of his arm and nods*
Saku: *purses his lips*...i'm...sorry...this is something i need to do on my own
Amaya: i understand
Saku: *shrugs on his coat and embraces amaya, giving her a quick yet passionate kiss*
Amaya: *returns the kiss, but not as strongly and steps back* Call me if something happens....
Saku: *nods* i shouldn't be long
Saku: *with a hand on the door, he gives a final look back* you...
Amaya: you too.......
Saku: *shuts the door behind hiim and runs off*

I knew something was wrong, something just didn't seem right and every instinct that I own was screaming at me to not let him go alone... Then a few minutes later the phone rang...

Saku:*ring ring*
Amaya: *her ears twitch and she practically dives for the phone*
Amaya: ..Hello?!
Saku: amaya...
Amaya: ..Saku! Are you okay? Where are you..
Saku: i'm at the alley where jiro said he'd meet me...he's not here though, something's wrong
Amaya: ..Saku...something about this is really scratchin me the wrong way...come home now...please..
Saku: maybe you're right...*he spies motion in his periphery*
Amaya: *grips the phone a bit* Saku...
Saku: huh? Jiro-san..?
Amaya: *her hand starts to shake, every instinct in her soul is sounding off warning bells* ..Saku...leave the
Amaya: Something tells me that that is not Jiro....
Saku: *jiro's voice can be heard over the phone*'s been a long time...
Saku: Jiro-san...what...*his eyes study Jiro in the shadows*...why can't I smell...
Amaya: ..Saku! Get out of there now! *growls a bit in frustration*
Saku: *"Jiro" steps out of the shadows, showing that he is nothing more than a corpse of the youkai brother of Saku, it falls to the ground limp as shadows ensnare saku from all sides*
Saku: ahh!!!! *saku struggles to wrench himself free*
Amaya: SAKU!
Amaya: *her heart pounds in her chest as all she can do is listen to what's happening*
Saku: damn it...FOXFIRE! *he drops the phone and attempts to burn his way free of the shadows--he almost succeeds but a second, darker series of shadows wrap around his neck, strangling him*
Amaya: *yells into the phone, whether or not he'll hear or not* Saku! Hold on! I"m on my way!
Saku: *gags and chokes, trying to force out a response telling amaya not to come, but he can't make out anything discernable*
Amaya: *growls and runs to the window, pulling it open and jumping out, following Saku's scent*
Saku: *saku falls unconscious and is taken away from the alley--the body of jiro is left behind*
Amaya: *lands ontop of a 2 story apartment building and kneels down, looking down into the dark alley*
Amaya: *jumps down and narrows her eyes, seeing a corpse of a kitsune* ...shit...
Amaya: *spins around, sniffing the air and catches Saku's scent being led off into a certain direction and follows*
Saku: *saku regains consciousness as he is dumped on hard cement...he strains to keep his eyes open*
Saku: *he draws blood from his palm and with it writes "do not follow me"--and again slips away to unconsciousness*
Amaya: *sniffs the air again, her eyes widening when she picks up the scent of Saku's blood. She picks up speed and slides to a hault and looks down to the ground, finding a message "do not follow me" in blood*
Amaya: *growls* Like hell..... *she starts to run again, but stops a few seconds later, realizing his scent isn't in the air*
Amaya: *curses, her fists clenched* ..I promise...I'll get you back matter what.. *continues running*

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