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feel like I’m in a game of cat and mouse


No Way!! No freaking way! I couldn’t even begin to describe what I’ve been through in the past few days, but I’ll try. Ugh!!…And if I have to deal with this place any longer I’ll explode!!

I found out who had me taken here, and it was that freakish thing the alley that was eating people. I’m sure his name is “Mister Lee”. *looks behind him nervously and continues typing* I’ve locked myself in this office room again, but I don’t think anybody saw me…Well, at least I hope no one did.
Anyway, the other day I had just escaped from that closet room I was locked in. It was actually really easy because the door was left unlocked. It seemed almost as if someone was helping me in a way. I ran in here and had a frantic instant message conversation with Amaya…I’m sure she didn’t understand most of what happened to me, and I was so wound up that I wasn’t making much sense as it was. *sighs* So then these armed men started ramming the door in and I heard a gunshot. One of them must’ve blown off the lock because right away the door was knocked in. I managed to escape even though they had me backed against a wall…it was really bizarre.

Kasumasa: *types on the computer to Amaya* “Oh man!! They’re in the room!!!”

Man armed with an aluminum bat: *walks up to the computer and pulls the power cord out* “Just what the hell do you think you’re up to? You wanna die tonight?”

Kazumasa: *lifts his hands up in surrender* “Look, I don’t want any trouble here, people….”

Bearded man with a glock: “Get your ass back in that room. We’ll make sure to lock it up better this time.” *points a gun at him* “I SAID MOVE IT!!!”

Kazumasa: *shakes his head and steps back until his back is to the wall* “I’m not going anywhere until I get some answers…For starters, why the hell am I here?!”

Bearded man with a glock: “You think you’re In the position to make demands? If you don’t cooperate I’ll put a bullet in your brain!!!” *his trigger finger tenses up*

Kazumasa: “Okay! Okay! Take it easy!” *looks behind the men and notices a crack under the door* Thinks: “Okay…I’ve done this before..I just have to concentrate and visualize the lights shorting out” *the lights flicker a bit and burn out*

Bearded man with a glock: “What the hell! Stay where you are!” *aims his gun in front of him in the darkness, but he can’t see anything* “I’m warning you!!

Kazumasa: thinks: “Great! It worked…but If I open that door, they’ll shot. Crap! How am I gonna get out of this one?”

Bearded man with a glock: *hears Kazu’s footsteps and shoots a few rounds in the direction of the noise*

Kazumasa: “Whoa!!!” *dives to the floor as a few bullets graze his skin* thinks: “That moron wasn’t kidding!! He’s actually shooting at me!!” *his head hits the door as he dives to avoid the wild gun shots* Thinks: “Oww…well, Im screwed aren’t I? Can’t say I didn’t try to get away…” *closes his eyes and feels lightheaded. When he opens them he is on the other side of the door* thinks: “What? What’s going on here? I’m outside the room...but…the door was shut! You know the strangest part? I felt my body pull under the door. Well, nevermind that now! Now’s my chance to get away!”</i> *stands and looks around for something to barricade the office door with* “This’ll do it.” *pushes a heavy packing box against the door and turns to run*

Bearded man with a glock: *jumps as the lights turn back on* “What in the….he isn’t in here!” *pushes on the office door* “What! It won’t open!” *slams his shoulder into the door and curses*

Kazumasa: “The windows are boarded up…damn. How am I supposed to get out of here?! Amaya mentioned something about air vents…..Hmm that might work.” *hears a woman’s blood curdling screams and freezes* “What was that?!” *runs in the direction of the noise*

Man armed with an aluminum bat: “Move outta the way!!” *breaks the window above the door and reaches his arms through, pushing the box back* “Now try!”

Bearded man with a glock: *nods and pushes on the door. It opens slowly* “I’m gonna use that punk for target practice…” *steps through the door and hears a scream , taking off in it’s direction*

---At the source of the screams---

Mister Lee: *flicks a shadow and lets Kiri’s eyes drop by his feet, where he promptly stomps on them* “Allow me to guide you into the next world, Miss scientist.” *he lifts a shadow from the floor and wraps it around her, preparing to twist her body into pulp. A voice echoes behind him and frantic footsteps are heard running towards him*

Kazumasa: “HEYYY!!!! STOP RIGHT THERE!” *runs towards the woman’s screams as a few armed men chase after him*

Bearded man with a glock: “Mister Lee! We found em’! He was trying to contact someone from the computer in the filing room.”

Kazumasa: *skids to a stop in front of Mister Lee and freezes at the terrifying sight. The woman who is being twisted by her own shadow continues to scream, blood pouring generously from her hollow eye sockets* “Uh…I…”

Mister Lee: *releases the woman and turns to his men* “You are dismissed.” *turns to Kazumasa as his armed henchmen walk away from the scene*

Kazumasa: *feels his nerves shake and he begins to tremble. Mister Lee moves towards him and he falls backwards*

Mister Lee: *a dark shadow moves over him and he speaks, his voice low and rough* “Would you cower in fear from your own father? I will not have such a disgrace for a son.”

Kazumasa: Thinks: “It‘s that thing in the alleyway…he‘s the one who brought me here!” *blinks his eyes several times* “My…father?” *stumbles to his feet quickly and Mister Lee moves back into a dim flickering light* “No….NO! I’m nothing like you!”

Mister Lee: *chuckles in amusement and a shadow swipes over him, his hair turns a dark raven and his features become more human until he resembles an older version of Kazumasa* “Oh? From what I observe, the resemblance is uncanny.

Kazumasa: *shakes his head slowly* “I don’t know what you are, or what you want from me..but you are not my father!” *turns and runs, his footsteps echoing in the dark hangar*

Mister Lee: *follows Kazumasa’s frantic footsteps into the darkness* “It’s futile to run from me.”

Kazumasa: *keeps running until he comes to the two iron sliding doors of the hangar* Thinks: “They won’t open, no matter how much I pull on them!” *spins around to see a dark shadow rise from the floor and materialize* “What…What the hell do you want from me?!”

Mister Lee: *Frowns, unamused* “Look at you...cowering in fear. I see you tremble like a mortal would. Are you unashamed?” *walks forward and Kazu shifts his back to the iron doors* “You are not human….I assume you have lived for several centuries. You have witnessed what it is to grow old and frail, to die as a human dies. Surely you must know that you are not one of them.”

Kazumasa: “Stop with that crazy talk! Of course I’m hu…” *trails off as he remembers what Amaya and Saku told him about hanyous* Thinks: “That’s right…I’m not human, am I? But I’m not like him…He isn’t my father…I…I won’t believe that!”

Mister Lee: “Your name, boy. What is it? What did your mother name you?”

Kazumasa: *lifts his gaze to Mister Lee and responds in a dull tone* “Kazumasa”.

Mister Lee: *turns away from him and snarls* “So, Mitomi named you after..him” *walks away, engrossed in thought*

Kazumasa: *yells after him* “Are you letting me go?!”

Mister Lee: *keeps walking until his form fades into the darkness* “Try to escape if you wish. You will fail in all attempts.”

Kazumasa: *slides his back down the iron door and falls to the floor in despair* Thinks: “Why keep me here? And…who did he say I was named after? He doesn’t seem to be very happy about it. Mitomi..was that mother’s name? I….I can’t believe I forgot it..”

So here I am. Back in the office room, on the computer. Hmm, looks like they know I'm in here afterall. Nobody tried to stop me this time so I thought I was in the clear, but a few minutes ago I started to notice that someone looks in from the broken window on the door every once in a while. *shudders* I know I’m being watched, and I know I’m allowed to update my journal for a reason…maybe “He” is trying to track who I’m in contact with. I feel like I’m in a game of cat and mouse..like I’m some sort of lab rat. You know something? I don’t fucking like it.
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