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The Sengoku Jidai
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Wednesday, November 17th, 2004
1:04 am
Almost there...
Kazu and I've been making our way towards Kyoto, and my nerves are just about shot...I'm so worried for Saku that...*pauses and closes her eyes* If something were to happen to him and he dies, I honestly don't think I'd be able to live. He some how sent me an e-mail, telling me not to follow and to escape to America or Canada...Screw that! There's no way on this earth that I'm going to leave him behind! *sighs* He's my world....and if he's not with me...I dont exist...and I can't allow Mister Lee to do that to us... I will get him..

*jumps as she feels her pocket vibrat, she blinks and reaches in, pulling out her cellphone*

Saku: *saku listens carefully as a series of footsteps walk down the hall--when all is silent, he picks up to phone and dials amaya's cell*
Amaya: *blinks as her phone buzzes*
Amaya: *digs it outa her pocket* Hello..?
Saku: amaya...
Amaya: ..Saku?!
Saku: ...it's me....
Amaya:*looks up and down the street, and rushes down a side street, finding a little alcove so nobody can hear* Where are you
Saku: no...don't come for me
Amaya: Bull shit! I'm already in Kyoto
Saku: *in a hushed voice* he killed my brother--my demon brother....we don't stand a chance...
Amaya: *growls*
Amaya: ..I'm still coming
Amaya: So tell me where you are
Saku: *a tear drops from his eye* the warehouse where kazu was being held--
Amaya: *nods slowly* I'll be there soon hun..
Saku: no
Amaya: Just hang in there okay...
Saku: amaya wait...
Saku: it's a trap
Amaya: Then I'll be careful
Amaya: And it's not a trap if I know about it now
Saku: amaya....he knows you're coming
Amaya:*pauses and sighs* I don't care
Amaya: I'm still coming....I love you too much..
Amaya: I can't sit back and do nothing Saku..
Saku: *closes his eyes and shakes his head*...you can run away...you can save yourself...
Amaya: *brings a hand to her eyes to try and stop the tears*
Amaya:*yells into the phone, her voice cracking from a sob* No!
Amaya: *growls, trying to pull herself together* I'll be there in about a day
Saku: amaya...i love you...but so help me if you die trying to save me, i'll never forgive myself....or you...
Amaya: *growls* and if you die and I sit back and do nothing to help then I mine as well join you
Amaya: might*
Amaya: There's no life for me if you're not with me, Saku. So whether you like it or not, I will get you back, and we will survive..
Amaya: Kazu will help me...as well as Inuyasha...
Saku: *he holds back tears, sniffing once--just as a security guard walks by the room*
Amaya: *whispers* Saku...i love you so much...please..
Saku: *the guard bursts in, saku drops the phone and struggles with him*
Amaya: Saku!! *her ears perk as she hears the struggiling*
Saku: *growls, and is able to knock the guard uncounscious, but not before the alarm is sounded*
Amaya: Saku!
Amaya: *her hand shakes as she grips the phone*
Amaya: *curses and stands up and runs down the alleyway, coming to a hault to a silent street.* *she looks left, then right, and finally spots some warehouse across a small river*
Saku: *picks up the phone*...crap, they're onto me....
Amaya: Saku....Escape, an airvent, anything
Amaya: I can see the warehouse across the river
Saku: ...i'll try...please amaya...be careful
Amaya: you too......I love you
Saku: i love you too hun
Saku: *looks around frantically, then decides to transform and hide, hoping that mister lee is not among those who search for him*

*She blinks her eyes furiously, hearing the dead tone over the line and spun around, looking at Kazu* He's in that building *points across the river* I know it.....We need to contact Inuyasha....and the rest of his crew...because by the looks of it...we're gonna need all the help we can get.... *flips her phone open again and begins to dial information, asking for the Higurashi Shrine in Tokyo*
Overcome time
1:06 am


Damn it all...I should've listened to her.  She wanted to come with me, but I told her no.  She told me to get the hell out of that alley, but I lingered.  She was right...she was so right.

Am I blind?  Why did I pause?  How could I let this happen?  There's only one answer: it's my own damn fault.  This whole fucking mess is all thanks to me.

I feel like shit.  Why Mister Lee doesn't kill me, devour me alive, spill my innards, or subject me to DNA tests or whatever the hell he does....I don't know.  He just keeps at it...the pain, the punishment...He wants to know where Amaya is?...where the other hanyous on his "wish list" are?...He wants to find Kazu?  I don't know.

All I know is that I'm not telling him anything, and for that I've already been beaten within an inch of death.  Dammit, why can't i be stronger? Why can't I kill this bastard, make him pay for what he's done to my family...what he's done to so many innocent people.

But I'm not.  I'm weak...i'm insignificant.  I'm nothing more than a shadow--a shadow being manipulated by a master puppeteer.  I can't even save Amaya from walking right into a trap--I know that's all that I am--bait...all i'm good for--and when he's done with me, what then? Will he finally kill me?  I'm dying inside already, and to see Amaya taken...I would have no reason to live.

Kami-sama...where are you?  Why can't you hear me?  Why won't you end this misery?

is there anyone out there?

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Tuesday, November 9th, 2004
11:47 pm
Overcome time
Monday, November 8th, 2004
12:07 am
We've finally found Inuyasha. Koga traced his scent back to the shrine. But Inuyasha didn't seem too happy seeing Koga, Kikyo and I. Him and Koga are at it again, those two can never get along for at least one minute. I'm getting tired of their fighting. Kikyo is acting kind of strange and is saying a lot of weird stuff like... Inuyasha and Koga are my lovers...!?!?! I don't know what's going on in her head but that's so not true *blushes*

Thinking: this is stupid, why do I even care what Kikyo thinks..?

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Saturday, November 6th, 2004
10:24 pm
How I made it back to Tokyo and my apartment, I don't know.
It's been a looong and eventful day, folks. After Mister Lee left for Asahikawa I managed to find a vent with some loose boards over it. I know what you're thinking..Sure I made my escape so it must've been a piece of cake, right? Wrong! I crawled through a dark vent for what seemed like an eternity. It was small and cramped and I found something out about myself. Im claustrophobic!

When the vent finally came to an ending, there was a rather large spinning fan blade. I had two choices in the matter: One, I could turn back or two, I could manually stop the blades and move forward, and the idea wasn't very pleasant. I had to stop the fanblade and it looked pretty harmless...besides, I can regenerate even the most gory of fleshwounds. So...I jammed my right shoulder right into the blade. It sliced into my skin and I could smell the metallic scent of blood, my blood. I leaned between the now jammed fanblades and tried to ignore the intense pain that was screaming like a siren through my entire body. But what really sucked after that was, the vent lead to the outside but the ground was roughly 30 feet below me.

When you've lived as long as I have you learn to endure alot of things. One of them is pain. I've been broken up and bruised before, hell...I've even had a steel pipe jammed into my vital organs. After I managed to jump from the vent I landed on the cold concrete ground and heard a sickeneing crack as every bone in my body seemed to snap. It was raining and for a while I thought I had reached my limit. Maybe I wasn't immortal afterall and I could finally die. No such luck. My vision became hazy for a while but I regained my senses. Nobody saw me and I was still lying on the ground. Only two things had changed. The sun was rising in the east and my bones had reassembled themselves (very painfully I might add).

It didn't take me but a few seconds to get on my feet again. My shoulder was filled with rust and blackish blood from that damn fanblade at the hangar. A postive thing is that Mister Lee hadn't found me yet and I took the opportunity to run. I had to find somewhere to hide...at least until dusk. Sure, I could face the sun like normal people do...but I was in enough pain already.

I ran and for a moment I thought I was dreaming. Each step I took felt heavy and lethargic...like when you try to run away from something in a nightmare and your feet seemed to be glued to the ground. I finally collapsed when I reached a condemned office building on the outskirts of Kyoto. And there I was, half conscious as the demon blood in me slowly sealed up my wounds and bound the rest of my fractures together. I awoke to the sound of civilization. Car horns, voices and the smell of gasoline. My entire body ached and I walked outside the building to face something I hadn't faced in years. That giant burning star in the sky more commonly known as the sun.

I staggered through the crowded crosswalks and streets as the noon sun burned into my brain. I must have looked terrible, seeing as a few people offered me some spare change. *laughs* So in other words I looked like a bum, perhaps a drunken one to top it off. I was pretty out of it. Of all the times to be without my motorbike...

How I made it back to Tokyo and my apartment, I don't know. Just when I felt like collapsing, I felt this almost otherworldly force driving me on. Ironically enough I bumped into Amaya who was very relieved to see me alive. I wasn't much for words, granted that I hadn't slept or eaten anything in several days. Jodie was back at my apartment and I was glad that she was alright...though I wish she didn't install those 120 watt bulbs in all my light fixtures...or replace my vegetarian food in my refridgerator with a variety of meats...Oh yeah, and she taught My parrot to say, "Damn" and he hasn't stopped saying it for the past 24 hours since I arrived. *covers his ears with two pillows and sighs*

Anyway, I'm a bit rattled up and I'm going to get some more rest. It's a bit hard to sleep knowing that I'm possibly being watched...

*yawn* See you all in the morning.

P.S. : For some reason, Jodie is fascinated with my bike. After I recovered it from the compound she payed me another visit and took several snapshots of it. Here is one of them:

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Friday, November 5th, 2004
9:53 pm
Inuyasha and I stayed up almost all night playing Grand Theft Auto. He actually got away with a 5 star felony once. For the most part, he just runs people down. When I showed him the cheat so he could get an army tank he wouldn't stop playing. After we played that, we found that South Park was on. I think Inuyasha is addicted to that cartoon. If mom knew I watched it she'd have a heart attack. But, what she doesn't know can't hurt her. Right?

Oh, I've gotten over Maggie. She's cool, but she's been acting weird. Besides a girl at school wants me to eat lunch with her tomorrow. I accepted.

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Thursday, November 4th, 2004
9:52 am
Well, there was no sign of Kagome, so Miroku and I decided to just head back to the shrine. We arrived to find a very.....annoyed Inuyasha to our surprise. We asked about what happend and he said that he was with Amaya and Saku and was looking with this "Mister Lee" with them and something about flying in a metal bird...*raises an eyebrow* Well, he said that they have knocked him out and ditched him back here (not that I blame them). But anyway, So here we are, back at the shrine...waiting for Kagome's return.

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Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004
1:28 pm
Feh,..strange Dog face scents leadin me right back to Kagomes place. Heh,.we just made a complete circle. This Undead Miko and I have a plan in the works. heh heh,.... *grins misceivously* Kagome just may be my mate yet. But only if I help her get mutt face. Personaly I don't see what the big deal is over the mutt,..he aint as handsome as I am. Plus hes slower than a snail. This just might turn out to be the best planm I ever had. *smirks* Ill keep leadin um back to Kagomes shrine,..hopefully the Monk and the demon Slayer don't get in the way. Plus im hopin that squirt Shippo aint around either.

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1:41 pm
What?! Where the hell am I?!

*wakes up and looks around*

Damn it all!!! How'd I end up at Kagome's shrine?! I'm sposed to be lookin' for Mister Lee! *grumbles* And Kagome's still at that "ho-tel" place. Amaya and Saku must've knocked me out on that iron bird thing we were flyin' around in...*growls* They got some nerve doin' that!...dumpin' me off here...why I outta...

*jumps as someone walks up behind him and taps his shoulder*

Sota: "Inuyasha? You came back. Wanna play video games?"

Inuyasha: *Jumps and spins around, surprised* YAaAaHh!!!

Sota: *jumps also* "Yaaaah!!!"

*awkward silence*

Inuyasha: "Oh, it's you. Look uh...I can't be hangin' around here. Seen Kagome around?"

Sota: "You mean you're gonna leave again?" *looks down at the floor* "Oh." *shakes his head* "No I haven't seen her. She called a couple days ago saying she was looking for you."

Inuyasha: *rubs the back of his head where he was knocked out* Thinks: "Hmpf..so they did knock me out...that really pisses me off..."

Sota: "Look, I just got this game yesterday. It's brand new." *holds up a game case* "Ever heard of Grand Theft Auto?"

Inuyasha: *shakes his head* "Another fightin' thing with warriors?"

Sota: *lowers his voice* "Well, sorta. I'm not allowed to play it because it's violent but you won't tell anyone, will you?"

Inuyasha: *shakes his head*

Sota: *smiles and nods* "So do you wanna play? It doesn't take that long..theres a bunch of missions and they're pretty short."

Inuyasha: *shrugs* "Sure. But it better be real quick!"

*eight hours later*

Inuyasha: *steers a car with the game controller, running over some pedestrians*

Sota: "Uh oh. Now you have the police after you. Do you know how to do a "drive by"?"

Inuyasha: "A what?" *fumbles with the game controller and crashes it into a building. The car then bursts into flames* "My...my warrior's dead AGAIN!? damn it!!!" *throws controller*

Sota: "Hm, I think I know what your problem is...Your nails. they're too long. Maybe if you trimmed them you'd be able to push the buttons better?"

Inuyasha: "You want me to...CUT MY CLAWS?!" *stands up and backs away*

Sota: "Well, yeah. Here. I got these clippers that I use on Buyo." *holds up a pair of cat clippers* "Just hold still.."

Inuyasha: "No freakin' way!!" *backs away*

Sota: *shrugs* "Okay then, but you won't get any better at these video games until you trim them.."

Inuyasha: "Ha! Says who?! I'll show you!" *picks up the game controller and sits on the floor in front of the tv*

*Two minutes later*

Inuyasha: "See this? I killed that guy with a thunder stick!!"

Sota: "Um, you're the guy in the black shirt. the other guy just killed you."

Inuyasha: *grumbles* shutup...

Eh..maybe I'll play these "game" things a little longer...till I win. (Which is gonna be real soon!)
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Friday, October 29th, 2004
1:32 pm
Kagome's gone, Inuyasha's gone, Shippo's gone...Where the hell is everybody?

*glances behind her to Miroku who's currently sleeping, she sighs and scribbles a note for Miroku* 'Miroku, I went to go look for Kagome, I'll return shortly. *sighs as she puts the pen down and glances to the floor to Kirara* ..Let's go Kirara..

*grabs her sword, attaching it to her belt and walks out of the hotel room*

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Wednesday, October 27th, 2004
8:17 pm
No sign of Inuyasha anywhere. We've been searching for a while now and I think Koga has lost Inuyasha's scent. Where could he have gone to? It's not easy traveling around with Kikyo. I am always sensing her eyeing me, keeping a close watch on me. I don't think she trusts me too much, but she seems to always be talking with Koga. Hopefully we can find the others soon enough, and then I'll finally stop worrying so much...

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12:15 pm
*sits out side of a convienience store on the sidewalk curb*
Right now Saku and Amaya are gettin' some stuff to eat. *crosses his arms* Alot of stuff's happened that really pisses me off! One thing is that Mister Lee...he...he followed us to this Asahikawa place and snuck in the house we were stayin' in. First that bastard killed Kiri then he went for Kohei and almost got Amaya. *makes a face as images flash through his head* I hadta bury those bodies I found in some of the rooms...they looked like somebody'd eaten em' or something. Whats he after anyway? *growls* Well screw what he's after! Whats important is he's got our shards and he's killin' us off left and right! *clenches a fist in anger, drawing some blood as his claws drive into his palm* I'm gonna kill that bastard....*pauses and a shocked expression comes across his face* W..wait a sec ...HE'S AFTER THE SHARDS! But..did he get all of em'? Did Kagome take all of em' to that Disney Lands place?! *stands up quickly* Shit! Kagome! I left her at that Ho-tel place alone!!

*turns around and kicks the door of the conveinience store in, walking inside quickly. Amaya and Saku are standing at the front counter, paying for some snack food and drinks* "Hey! We gotta get back to "Tokee-yo"...NOW!!!"

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12:52 am
Not…going to throw up….please not now…ugh!!! Guess what, folks! A while ago I had a talk with my “Dad”. He was actually eating people at a dinner table and offered me some! I’ve never been so sick in my life. *pauses* Well, except back then...but I was just a kid…and it wasn’t my fault! I didn’t want to eat….*stops typing for a minute to collect his thoughts* Well, never mind that. Since then I’ve become a vegetarian and I’ve followed that path religiously. I don’t need meat! I’ll never touch the stuff again!

Anyway, I had an argument with my “father” (though I still refuse to believe he is who he says he is) and he wouldn’t let it go when I said I was a vegetarian. Talk about insane! I’m suddenly told that he’s my father and what do we argue about? Whether or not I should eat people! *feels nauseous again* Ugh! The smell of that blood….but you know what the scary part of it all is? Deep down, I could almost taste it…that blood. And…I had to get out of there before I did something I would regret. My nightmares consist of enough already. Don’t need to add to them.

So right now I just heard Mister Lee leave. I also heard some of his goons talking about some “Kiri”, saying that he was going off to kill her. You know, I bet she’s that white haired woman who took my blood sample. I saw that shadow creature gouge out her eyes the other day. Ugh…not going to vomit...not going to…*ducks his head into a wastebasket under the desk and dry heaves*

*cough* Well nows the perfect time to try and escape. Without Lee around there's not much to stop me. I’ll find a way out of here….Jodie. What happened to her after I was taken from the club? Is she alright? I have to find out..
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12:01 am
Perhaps my son imagines himself to be one of them…a human

My son refuses to speak with me about his true heritage once again. I believe he is still in shock from witnessing my previous feedings, which he shouldn’t be. We need flesh as a form of sustenance. It’s not a matter of satisfying one’s hunger for blood but a matter of survival.

Today he emerged from the office room he locked himself in and had the courage to come and speak with me, if only for a short while:

Mister Lee: [sits on the end of a long table in a dark storage room that has been converted into a dining area. In the center of the table burns a single pillar candle, the light of which causes the shadows of all objects in the room to dance on the surrounding walls] “I know you are here. Make yourself known.”

Kazumasa: [hesitates and walks forward into the dim light, cringing a bit as it shines on him]

Mister Lee: [looks up from his meal, which is a large piece of bloody raw meat on a china plate] “I see the light makes you uncomfortable. It will pass soon enough. One must suffer such things to gain an immunity to them.” [raises a sharp knife and stabs into the meat on his plate, slicing through it.]

Kazumasa: [hears the scrape of the knife against the porcelain plate, the sound generating a shiver down his spine] “Who…Who are you? Why have you brought me here?”

Mister Lee: “I already told you this before but, perhaps you do not like to listen. You are my son.” [continues to scrape the knife on the plate and lifts a piece of bloody meat with a fork, blood dripping from it as he lifts it from the plate]

Kazumasa: “I uh…see you like your steak rare. I also notice you like western utensils…I don’t use chopsticks either…” [chuckles nervously as the shadowy figure at the table lifts his red eyes from his meal to look at him]

Mister Lee: [pauses] “Steak. Who ever said I ate such a thing.” [pushes the bloody flesh into his mouth, his razor like teeth tearing it apart]

Kazumasa: [backs away a bit] “It’s not…steak?”

Mister Lee: “My apologies. I did not offer you anything. There is plenty here, help yourself.” [gestures to a serving tray on the center of the table]

Kazumasa: Thinks: “That’s right. I haven’t eaten anything in days it seems like…I…I suppose it couldn’t hurt to see what it is..” [walks towards the serving tray cautiously and lifts the handle of the silver tray cover] “This….this is!!!!!” [drops the tray cover and it clatters to the floor] “That’s…..THAT’S A FACE!!! IM NOT EATING THAT!”

Mister Lee: “It has been well prepared. Does it not appetize you any?” [continues devouring the bloodied piece of human flesh]


Mister Lee: [sighs and speaks again in a raspy tone] “Very well. I will have an animal prepared for you. A “steak” perhaps. From there you will be weaned from animal flesh to human. I will not have a son who refuses to intake that which will give him proper strength.”

Kazumasa: [turns and leans against the wall as he feels intense nausea come over him] “I…I don’t eat meat. I gave it up a long time ago. I’m…I’m a vegetarian.”

Mister Lee: [drops his knife and looks up in shock] “I don’t find this humorous.”

Kazumasa: “I don’t care if you find it humorous or not! It’s my choice what I eat! I don’t eat meat and the last thing I’d eat is a person!”

Mister Lee: [stands from the table abruptly and narrows his eyes] “Such a stubborn one you are. No different than who she named you after, are you?”

Kazumasa: “Who is it you keep saying I’m named after anyway?” [closes his eyes as another wave of nausea comes over him] Thinks: “That smell…I can smell the blood from here…It’s just like the last time. But…no! I don’t want to eat it! I…I have to get out of here…” [turns away and walks for the large iron door, sliding it open and walking through]

Mister Lee: “Leaving are you, Kazumasa?” [his tone becomes stern as he speaks Kazumasa’s name]

Kazumasa: “Damn right I’m leaving! Are you going to stop me?”

Mister Lee: [turns away] “No.” [the iron door slams shut as Kazu leaves the room and he sits back in his chair] Thinks: “A vegetarian? One of my blood? Ridiculous…I won‘t allow it!”

Foolishness! To refuse eating flesh and to live the life of a vegetarian! It is no wonder he grows weaker by the day. Perhaps my son imagines himself to be one of them…a human. If that is the case, it is a dishonor to his ancestors…Those who fell to accursed sunlight so many centuries ago.

I was left to my thoughts and grew angry. Memories came to me that hadn’t surfaced in years…Mitomi

I came to my senses when I was informed by one of my men that Kiri had boarded an airplane for Asahikawa.

Mister Lee: [turns towards the door as it slides open] “What is it now?”

Henchman: “Sir, we have information that Kiri is attempting to flee the area. She is boarding a flight for Asahikawa as we speak.”

Mister Lee: “I am well aware. How predictable that she would seek refuge from her only contact…Kohei.”

Henchman: “Should I have a car ready, sir?”

Mister Lee: “No. She may flee to her heart’s content, but she will never escape.”

I must take my leave for Asahikawa. I will claim the life of that traitorous woman and her associate. Very soon, all will be resolved.

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Monday, October 25th, 2004
11:07 am
Kagura stared out the window at the horizon as she contemplated about how they would kill Naraku. She gazed at the people below and sighed. Kagura turned and went towards the bed. A news report came on the television. They spoke of a "kidnapped American girl". She had been reported missing in the USA by her parents and they were now talking about how she was kidnapped from the Tokyo hospital. A sketch of Kagura came on the screen.

"Wha?!?! Heh. Not like they'll catch me. Damn. Maggie better stay out of the public eye, more importantly, so must I."

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Sunday, October 24th, 2004
10:11 pm


Not much time, so lemme be brief. Yeah, we found out what Kiri was doing for Mister Lee--subject testing. I guess her main objective was to find a way for Mister Lee to withstand sunlight, but in the process...

I wretch everytime I think of it. She used lived subjects and dissected them.

Live hanyou subjects. *shudders*

And it was only recently that I discovered---one was my niece: Jiroko.

She was the daughter of Jiro--my half brother, second born of the litter. Of all my half brothers that would frankly beat the crap out of me any chance they got...he was the least antagonistic. But he must've had her 70 years ago...why didn't he tell me? sure it's been, 300 years since i last spoke with him...but...

Maybe he's already dead...dead like she is...killed by Mister Lee.

Anyway, Kiri was very remorseful about what she did. Not like that takes away the past, but...it does count for something I guess. She showed us a map of where Mister Lee was keeping Kazu. We've decided that our main objectives will be to free Kazu and stop Mister Lee once and for all. But we couldn't just leave Kiri behind to be attacked or something. And here closest friend lived in Asahikawa...kind of a long ways off.

So we flew.

And i think once we get back, i'm never flying again. Definitely lost my lack of lunch on the takeoff--plus inuyasha and amaya were bickering every now and then--inuyasha apparently is deficient in luggage handling and in seatbelt fastening. *rolls eyes and sighs* and to make matters worse, i was caught in between those two. Honestly, I'm not sure how we're going to make it if we don't put our differences aside and work together. Those two..they fight like...

like cats and dogs.

*shrugs* go figure.

Anyway, we've been staying at this friend of Kiri's place in Asahikawa...waiting for our return flight. All this time goes by, and soon it'll be Amaya's Moon, then mine, then Inuyasha's...couldn't pick a better time to pick a fight with a terrible opponent like this Mister Lee. Needless to say, I'm getting a bit impatient, worried, and yes...depressed over the loss of a niece i never knew i had until a couple days ago. *sighs*

And now Amaya's worried and such that I'm going to be all impulsive and what have you and lose control when we fight Mister Lee. Me lose control?!

She says she trusts me...but does she really? Ugh, maybe I'm overthinking this way too much.

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Friday, October 22nd, 2004
6:10 am
*sighs* Oh Inuyasha! Why did you stop me from killing that awful girl! Don't you want us to be together?

I've been walking around this Tokyo and, oh my!! The sights to see! The people to kill! Oh the carnage I have in store! *grins* Everywhere I look there are people..Oh, and there are so many of them that whenever I get bored I can lop off a head or two! *grins cruely* Hmmm, and I suppose that would attarct Inuyasha my way again. Does he think I'm dead? Well, won't he be relieved to see me alive!

*walks down into a subway and looks around*

Oh? Whats this? There is a large iron contraption hauling people underground. What fun!!! What fun!!!!
I know what I'll do! I'll derail one!

*laughs in amusement as he imagines the chaos he can cause*
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Tuesday, October 19th, 2004
10:05 pm
We are back at the hotel now. Kagura almost got caught by those guys at the hospital. Maggie is still in pain and I feel bad that Kagura made her leave the hospital. I hope she's ok. I have not seen Lord Sesshoumaru in a long time. I miss him a lot. Maybe I will see him tomorrow. I think Kagura has a crush on Lord Sesshoumaru. It is late so I'm going to go to sleep.

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9:42 pm
Kagura stormed into the hospital.

"Stupid girl." She thought. "Getting herself hurt like that, to save a couple of kids." She continued. "Where is she?"

"Who are you talking about ma'am?" Asked the nurse.

"Maggie...Sutherland." Kagura answered. "I'll find her myself."

Kagura stormed down the hall, looking in each room. The nurse called security. Kagura found Maggie in recovery.

"There you are. Lets go." Kagura demanded to Maggie.

Maggie was still in pain as she sat up. Kagura noticed that Rin shot her a glare. Kagura shot one back as she pulled Maggie out of the bed.

"Come on. They're after us."

Kagura darted out of the room with Maggie in tow.

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3:29 pm
The nurse came back to the kids, smiling.

"Guess what. She'll be ok. The doctor was able to extract the bullet. She's in recovery at the moment. You both may go and see her if you like." The nurse said.

"Yay. She'll be ok. Lets go see her Shippo." Rin said happily as she took Shippo's hand. The nurse led them down the corridor to where Maggie was staying.

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2:20 pm
feel like I’m in a game of cat and mouse

No Way!! No freaking way! I couldn’t even begin to describe what I’ve been through in the past few days, but I’ll try. Ugh!!…And if I have to deal with this place any longer I’ll explode!!

I found out who had me taken here, and it was that freakish thing the alley that was eating people. I’m sure his name is “Mister Lee”. *looks behind him nervously and continues typing* I’ve locked myself in this office room again, but I don’t think anybody saw me…Well, at least I hope no one did.
Anyway, the other day I had just escaped from that closet room I was locked in. It was actually really easy because the door was left unlocked. It seemed almost as if someone was helping me in a way. I ran in here and had a frantic instant message conversation with Amaya…I’m sure she didn’t understand most of what happened to me, and I was so wound up that I wasn’t making much sense as it was. *sighs* So then these armed men started ramming the door in and I heard a gunshot. One of them must’ve blown off the lock because right away the door was knocked in. I managed to escape even though they had me backed against a wall…it was really bizarre.

Kasumasa: *types on the computer to Amaya* “Oh man!! They’re in the room!!!”

Man armed with an aluminum bat: *walks up to the computer and pulls the power cord out* “Just what the hell do you think you’re up to? You wanna die tonight?”

Kazumasa: *lifts his hands up in surrender* “Look, I don’t want any trouble here, people….”

Bearded man with a glock: “Get your ass back in that room. We’ll make sure to lock it up better this time.” *points a gun at him* “I SAID MOVE IT!!!”

Kazumasa: *shakes his head and steps back until his back is to the wall* “I’m not going anywhere until I get some answers…For starters, why the hell am I here?!”

Bearded man with a glock: “You think you’re In the position to make demands? If you don’t cooperate I’ll put a bullet in your brain!!!” *his trigger finger tenses up*

Kazumasa: “Okay! Okay! Take it easy!” *looks behind the men and notices a crack under the door* Thinks: “Okay…I’ve done this before..I just have to concentrate and visualize the lights shorting out” *the lights flicker a bit and burn out*

Bearded man with a glock: “What the hell! Stay where you are!” *aims his gun in front of him in the darkness, but he can’t see anything* “I’m warning you!!

Kazumasa: thinks: “Great! It worked…but If I open that door, they’ll shot. Crap! How am I gonna get out of this one?”

Bearded man with a glock: *hears Kazu’s footsteps and shoots a few rounds in the direction of the noise*

Kazumasa: “Whoa!!!” *dives to the floor as a few bullets graze his skin* thinks: “That moron wasn’t kidding!! He’s actually shooting at me!!” *his head hits the door as he dives to avoid the wild gun shots* Thinks: “Oww…well, Im screwed aren’t I? Can’t say I didn’t try to get away…” *closes his eyes and feels lightheaded. When he opens them he is on the other side of the door* thinks: “What? What’s going on here? I’m outside the room...but…the door was shut! You know the strangest part? I felt my body pull under the door. Well, nevermind that now! Now’s my chance to get away!”</i> *stands and looks around for something to barricade the office door with* “This’ll do it.” *pushes a heavy packing box against the door and turns to run*

Bearded man with a glock: *jumps as the lights turn back on* “What in the….he isn’t in here!” *pushes on the office door* “What! It won’t open!” *slams his shoulder into the door and curses*

Kazumasa: “The windows are boarded up…damn. How am I supposed to get out of here?! Amaya mentioned something about air vents…..Hmm that might work.” *hears a woman’s blood curdling screams and freezes* “What was that?!” *runs in the direction of the noise*

Man armed with an aluminum bat: “Move outta the way!!” *breaks the window above the door and reaches his arms through, pushing the box back* “Now try!”

Bearded man with a glock: *nods and pushes on the door. It opens slowly* “I’m gonna use that punk for target practice…” *steps through the door and hears a scream , taking off in it’s direction*

---At the source of the screams---

Mister Lee: *flicks a shadow and lets Kiri’s eyes drop by his feet, where he promptly stomps on them* “Allow me to guide you into the next world, Miss scientist.” *he lifts a shadow from the floor and wraps it around her, preparing to twist her body into pulp. A voice echoes behind him and frantic footsteps are heard running towards him*

Kazumasa: “HEYYY!!!! STOP RIGHT THERE!” *runs towards the woman’s screams as a few armed men chase after him*

Bearded man with a glock: “Mister Lee! We found em’! He was trying to contact someone from the computer in the filing room.”

Kazumasa: *skids to a stop in front of Mister Lee and freezes at the terrifying sight. The woman who is being twisted by her own shadow continues to scream, blood pouring generously from her hollow eye sockets* “Uh…I…”

Mister Lee: *releases the woman and turns to his men* “You are dismissed.” *turns to Kazumasa as his armed henchmen walk away from the scene*

Kazumasa: *feels his nerves shake and he begins to tremble. Mister Lee moves towards him and he falls backwards*

Mister Lee: *a dark shadow moves over him and he speaks, his voice low and rough* “Would you cower in fear from your own father? I will not have such a disgrace for a son.”

Kazumasa: Thinks: “It‘s that thing in the alleyway…he‘s the one who brought me here!” *blinks his eyes several times* “My…father?” *stumbles to his feet quickly and Mister Lee moves back into a dim flickering light* “No….NO! I’m nothing like you!”

Mister Lee: *chuckles in amusement and a shadow swipes over him, his hair turns a dark raven and his features become more human until he resembles an older version of Kazumasa* “Oh? From what I observe, the resemblance is uncanny.

Kazumasa: *shakes his head slowly* “I don’t know what you are, or what you want from me..but you are not my father!” *turns and runs, his footsteps echoing in the dark hangar*

Mister Lee: *follows Kazumasa’s frantic footsteps into the darkness* “It’s futile to run from me.”

Kazumasa: *keeps running until he comes to the two iron sliding doors of the hangar* Thinks: “They won’t open, no matter how much I pull on them!” *spins around to see a dark shadow rise from the floor and materialize* “What…What the hell do you want from me?!”

Mister Lee: *Frowns, unamused* “Look at you...cowering in fear. I see you tremble like a mortal would. Are you unashamed?” *walks forward and Kazu shifts his back to the iron doors* “You are not human….I assume you have lived for several centuries. You have witnessed what it is to grow old and frail, to die as a human dies. Surely you must know that you are not one of them.”

Kazumasa: “Stop with that crazy talk! Of course I’m hu…” *trails off as he remembers what Amaya and Saku told him about hanyous* Thinks: “That’s right…I’m not human, am I? But I’m not like him…He isn’t my father…I…I won’t believe that!”

Mister Lee: “Your name, boy. What is it? What did your mother name you?”

Kazumasa: *lifts his gaze to Mister Lee and responds in a dull tone* “Kazumasa”.

Mister Lee: *turns away from him and snarls* “So, Mitomi named you after..him” *walks away, engrossed in thought*

Kazumasa: *yells after him* “Are you letting me go?!”

Mister Lee: *keeps walking until his form fades into the darkness* “Try to escape if you wish. You will fail in all attempts.”

Kazumasa: *slides his back down the iron door and falls to the floor in despair* Thinks: “Why keep me here? And…who did he say I was named after? He doesn’t seem to be very happy about it. Mitomi..was that mother’s name? I….I can’t believe I forgot it..”

So here I am. Back in the office room, on the computer. Hmm, looks like they know I'm in here afterall. Nobody tried to stop me this time so I thought I was in the clear, but a few minutes ago I started to notice that someone looks in from the broken window on the door every once in a while. *shudders* I know I’m being watched, and I know I’m allowed to update my journal for a reason…maybe “He” is trying to track who I’m in contact with. I feel like I’m in a game of cat and mouse..like I’m some sort of lab rat. You know something? I don’t fucking like it.

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12:09 am
Lady Sango and I are in another "ho-tel". *looks around nervously* I'll admit that I would not have chosen another one of these places to rest after my last experience...but Lady Kagome was persistent. I have not seen her in the last few days, though with this strange medicine I find myself in and out of consciousness fairly often. *reaches for the tv remote and winces as a pain throbs in his side*

Miroku: "I will not...give in to...the pain." *remembers the program he watched on tv with the aerobics women before he was shot and continues reaching, determination in his eyes* "I am...unyielding to the pains of the flesh..." *falls back and curls up in a ball as his pain gets the better of him* "Alas, I must remain in this room without entertainment." *sighs*

Sango: "Looking for this?" *walks in, sits on the edge of the bed and flips on the tv, she channel surfs for a while until she comes across a nature program on birds* "This should tide you over." *sets the remote on top of the tv and turns to leave*

Miroku: *chuckles* "Sango...As much as I enjoy the serenity of nature, may I have control over the magic box?" *reaches towards the remote pitifully*

Sango: *gives him a look* "And you won't just control the magic box to show women to lust over...will you?"

Miroku: "Ah...but you have my word." *crosses his fingers beneath the blanket*

Sango: *looks at him in suspicion and sighs, walking over and handing him the remote* "I'm going to look for Kagome and the others, will you be alright here by yourself?"

Miroku: *nods as he flips through the channels, entranced*

Sango: *nods and leaves the room*

Praise the gods for "cable"!! Ah..and now for that "playboy" channel I found before.*clicks to the channel and finds nothing but static* What's this? Where have those lovely young women gone? *smacks the remote and hangs his head in despair* I would like to recover from these wounds as soon as possible, so that we may return to Kagome's shrine. *sighs*
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Monday, October 18th, 2004
8:32 pm
Well I found Kagome or rather she caught me tailin her. I was just amkin sure she was alright. Then that wierd Miko came along. The one that smells like dead people. *shudders* Man she creeps me out. Were on dog turnd trail now. During the search I noticed his scent changed. Must a been a new moon or somethin. I remember runnin into the puppy a couple other times when he was human. I almost feel sorry for him. Almost,.. Anyway im on his trail again I know hes close cuase I heard screamin. No to mention on our hunt I picked up a newspaper bout some human brats seein a severed human head. Thats got Dog craps name written all over it. Kagomes gettin nervous. I keep assurin her we'll find him before he does anything really stupid.If not well then,..I'll comfort her over her loss. *grins* Now if only I could get rir a this Kinkyho was it,..oh no Kikyo thats right. Wait a sec I remember somethin about her bein dog craps ex. So whys she round my Kagome? She better not be plannin nuthin or else Ill kill er, an ill make sure shes dead for good this time too. Havent smelt that Jakotsu thing around ,..so I guess thats a good thing for now,..If he does show his ugly face round here again hes toast. I hope Ayames doin okay with Ginta and Hakkaku.

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8:20 pm
Im still with Rin at the hospital. Poor Maggie got shot by one a those things Kagome calls a gun. I hope shes okay. Rins really worried and so am I. Im also kinda worried that Inuyasha doesn't like me anymore. I couldn't just leave Rin. That stupid toad is always mean to her and he always loses her. I didn't want her to get lost without me there to protect her. I miss Sango and Kagome,.. Kagome was the best,.she used to sing to me sometimes so I'd fall asleep,..just like my mom did when I was a Kit. And Sango used to play games with me,..like hide the staff from Miroku or tag or even hide and seek. Sangos really pretty when she smiles I hope she still is. I hope Kagome isnt too sad without me and that Inuyasha treats her right. I hope Miroku is staying out of trouble. Sango will see to that I guess. Sesshoumarus not so bad once ya get used to him. He's kinda grumpy but then so is Inuyasha. Theyre a lot alike,..but if they heard that id be toast. He still doesn't like me around though. *sighs* I just hope we can go see if Maggies okay soon. I shoulda tried to protect her better too.I guess I should go back to Kagomes now.


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7:13 pm
I've found Kagome roaming around in the dark "streets"
After speaking with Kagome, I have promised her to help her find Inuyasha and she will help me return to my time. As we were talking a wolf demon named Koga had jumped out of the alleys. He seems to have a liking towards Kagome, seeing from the way he looks at her. He's going to help us find Inuyasha. Seems Kagome can't keep track of him. Personally I think he just keeps running away from her. She seems clingy even to that Koga. She probably even plays one off the other so she can see who could protect her better :scoffs:

:Looks at Kagome and Koga: Let's go.
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