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How I made it back to Tokyo and my apartment, I don't know.

It's been a looong and eventful day, folks. After Mister Lee left for Asahikawa I managed to find a vent with some loose boards over it. I know what you're thinking..Sure I made my escape so it must've been a piece of cake, right? Wrong! I crawled through a dark vent for what seemed like an eternity. It was small and cramped and I found something out about myself. Im claustrophobic!

When the vent finally came to an ending, there was a rather large spinning fan blade. I had two choices in the matter: One, I could turn back or two, I could manually stop the blades and move forward, and the idea wasn't very pleasant. I had to stop the fanblade and it looked pretty harmless...besides, I can regenerate even the most gory of fleshwounds. So...I jammed my right shoulder right into the blade. It sliced into my skin and I could smell the metallic scent of blood, my blood. I leaned between the now jammed fanblades and tried to ignore the intense pain that was screaming like a siren through my entire body. But what really sucked after that was, the vent lead to the outside but the ground was roughly 30 feet below me.

When you've lived as long as I have you learn to endure alot of things. One of them is pain. I've been broken up and bruised before, hell...I've even had a steel pipe jammed into my vital organs. After I managed to jump from the vent I landed on the cold concrete ground and heard a sickeneing crack as every bone in my body seemed to snap. It was raining and for a while I thought I had reached my limit. Maybe I wasn't immortal afterall and I could finally die. No such luck. My vision became hazy for a while but I regained my senses. Nobody saw me and I was still lying on the ground. Only two things had changed. The sun was rising in the east and my bones had reassembled themselves (very painfully I might add).

It didn't take me but a few seconds to get on my feet again. My shoulder was filled with rust and blackish blood from that damn fanblade at the hangar. A postive thing is that Mister Lee hadn't found me yet and I took the opportunity to run. I had to find somewhere to hide...at least until dusk. Sure, I could face the sun like normal people do...but I was in enough pain already.

I ran and for a moment I thought I was dreaming. Each step I took felt heavy and lethargic...like when you try to run away from something in a nightmare and your feet seemed to be glued to the ground. I finally collapsed when I reached a condemned office building on the outskirts of Kyoto. And there I was, half conscious as the demon blood in me slowly sealed up my wounds and bound the rest of my fractures together. I awoke to the sound of civilization. Car horns, voices and the smell of gasoline. My entire body ached and I walked outside the building to face something I hadn't faced in years. That giant burning star in the sky more commonly known as the sun.

I staggered through the crowded crosswalks and streets as the noon sun burned into my brain. I must have looked terrible, seeing as a few people offered me some spare change. *laughs* So in other words I looked like a bum, perhaps a drunken one to top it off. I was pretty out of it. Of all the times to be without my motorbike...

How I made it back to Tokyo and my apartment, I don't know. Just when I felt like collapsing, I felt this almost otherworldly force driving me on. Ironically enough I bumped into Amaya who was very relieved to see me alive. I wasn't much for words, granted that I hadn't slept or eaten anything in several days. Jodie was back at my apartment and I was glad that she was alright...though I wish she didn't install those 120 watt bulbs in all my light fixtures...or replace my vegetarian food in my refridgerator with a variety of meats...Oh yeah, and she taught My parrot to say, "Damn" and he hasn't stopped saying it for the past 24 hours since I arrived. *covers his ears with two pillows and sighs*

Anyway, I'm a bit rattled up and I'm going to get some more rest. It's a bit hard to sleep knowing that I'm possibly being watched...

*yawn* See you all in the morning.

P.S. : For some reason, Jodie is fascinated with my bike. After I recovered it from the compound she payed me another visit and took several snapshots of it. Here is one of them:

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