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*sits out side of a convienience store on the sidewalk curb*
Right now Saku and Amaya are gettin' some stuff to eat. *crosses his arms* Alot of stuff's happened that really pisses me off! One thing is that Mister Lee...he...he followed us to this Asahikawa place and snuck in the house we were stayin' in. First that bastard killed Kiri then he went for Kohei and almost got Amaya. *makes a face as images flash through his head* I hadta bury those bodies I found in some of the rooms...they looked like somebody'd eaten em' or something. Whats he after anyway? *growls* Well screw what he's after! Whats important is he's got our shards and he's killin' us off left and right! *clenches a fist in anger, drawing some blood as his claws drive into his palm* I'm gonna kill that bastard....*pauses and a shocked expression comes across his face* W..wait a sec ...HE'S AFTER THE SHARDS! But..did he get all of em'? Did Kagome take all of em' to that Disney Lands place?! *stands up quickly* Shit! Kagome! I left her at that Ho-tel place alone!!

*turns around and kicks the door of the conveinience store in, walking inside quickly. Amaya and Saku are standing at the front counter, paying for some snack food and drinks* "Hey! We gotta get back to "Tokee-yo"...NOW!!!"

(didja think I was kidding when I said this is everything that happened?! Heh...Read the whole thing and I'll give ya some ramen.)

Amaya: *sitting on the sofa, attempting to fix the broken remote*

Inuyasha: *walks up to the tv and taps the screen with a claw as the static continues* What the heck! Why wont this stupid thing work!

Amaya: *mumbles* cables out.. don't break it

Amaya: *stands up and brings the now dead remote and dumps it in the trashcan, walking over to the tv and pushing the power off button*

Inuyasha: I aint gonna break it...just..lemme see if I can get the magic box workin' again...*looks up at the tv antennae and ties them into a knot, looking over at Amaya with confusion as she turns the tv off*

Amaya: *shakes her head slowly, her ears slightly drooped* ..Whatever you say, dogboy….So why are you up so late?

Inuyasha: *shrugs* Couldnt, that bed thing they got in there feels's filled with..water or somethin'

Amaya: *chuckles softly* Water beds eh? yeah I don't like 'em either...

Inuyasha: And I uh....kinda got a hole in it or somethin' *looks to his right at the closed door to the guest room, water is seeping from under the door* Eh...*changes the subject quickly* So why are you up?

Amaya: hole...heh..another reason why I don't like em *winks as she holds up a hand, wiggling her fingers* But anyway....same as you, couldn't sleep

Inuyasha: *blinks as the lights flicker* The hell? What’s with the fire lanterns? *looks at a lamp closely and the lights burn out*

Inuyasha: *narrows his eyes in the dark*

Amaya: ...This better not be one of those damn pranks...I probably just need to flip the circuit breaker....*walks over to a door and opens it, finding the basement*

Inuyasha: Circuit...breaker...?

Amaya: *nods slowly* Yeah....*starts to take a step down the stairs, her hand gripping the railing*

Inuyasha: *looks down the door to the basement and calls after her, his voice echoing* It's down in there? In that dungeon? *walks down the steps and looks behind him as he catches a shadow whip across the dark living room* Damn it..theres somethin' here..

Amaya: Now's not the time to freak me out Inuyasha! *narrows her eyes slightly in the dark as she looks around for the circuit box*

Inuyasha: *leaps up the stairs, the door to the basement shutting on it’s own behind him and locking*

Amaya *her ears twitch* Inuyasha?! *turns around* Shit........

Inuyasha: *looks around the dark living room for the shadow he saw earlier*

Amaya: *fumbles around for the box and finds it, opening it up, feeling the switches to see which ones were turned off*

Inuyasha: I..saw it in here…*looks around and draws his sword*

Amaya: *growls as she finds none that's been tripped* *shuts the fuse box and runs up the stairs, trying to open the door, finding it's locked..

Inuyasha: *little does he know the shadow is in the basement and creeping along the wall to where Amaya is standing in the dark*

Amaya: ..Inuyasha! *slaps the door* Open this damn door!! *grabs the door handle, jiggling it, her left shoulder pushing up against the door*

Amaya: *her ears flatten to the back of her head as she growls*

Amaya: *her eyes widen as she senses something*

Amaya: *looks over her shoulder, her nose sniffing, picking up a faint scent, but not sure what it could be*

Amaya: *the hairs on her ears start to fuzz up as she again starts to pound on the door, screaming for Inuyasha to open it up*

Inuyasha: *walks around the living room, ready to strike the shadow with his sword* C'mon out! I know you're around here! Think I'd just letcha come after Kiri, ya bastard?!

Amaya: INUYASHA!! *slams her body against the door, for some reason it's not budging*

Mister Lee: *a cold icy shadow pulls out from the wall from behind Amaya, two arms reaching for her neck, two glowing red eyes and a row of teeth gleam in the dark humid basement*

Amaya: *continues to slam her body against the door, her left shoulder bruising* Damnit!! *spins around, her eyes widening* ...shit...

Amaya: *slashes out at the shadow with her claws, pressing her back up against the door*

Mister Lee: *Her claws pass through the shadow and it pulls into the wall, dissipating like smoke. All around the basement a raspy voice echoes* "Did you intend to take her away from me to a safe haven? There is nowhere she could escape to that I would not find*

Amaya: *growls, her knuckles cracking*

Inuyasha: *slides the door to one of the bedrooms, open* Damnit...the fire lanterns are still out. *walks into the room as he sees a dark figure standing by the corner of the room*

Inuyasha: Kiri? Whatcha doin'? *walks over towards the figure, some pale moonlight shines in from the torn blinds of a broken window*

Amaya: bastard! *punches a hole in the wall where the shadow pulled back*

Amaya: *tries the door again, slamming her body into it trying hard to get through, but for some reason the door again won't budge*

Inuyasha: *he stops in his tracks as he stands in front of Kiri, who is leaning against the wall, her face to the corner* Hey *puts a hand on her shoulder and spins her around*

Mister Lee: *raspy laughter echoes around the basement* "You failed in all of your attempts. You could not keep her from me...I will do as I please and none will thwart my will."

Amaya: *growls as she glares down the stairs* Leave her alone!!

Mister Lee: * a dark shadow pulls up from the ground and wraps around Amaya's ankles, the shadow cold and frigid*

Amaya: *yelps as she tries to struggle away* Let me go! *tries to slash whatever it is that's around her ankles*

Amaya: INUYASHA! *continues to struggle, her claws knicking her ankles*

Inuyasha: *jumps in shock as he sees Kiri's face, its twisted in horror and her abdomen has been torn open, some of her vital organ strewn in the corner, in blood is written on the wall of the dark room, "Finished."*

Amaya: *struggles against her own shadow, her back slamming into the door as she tries to break through*

Mister Lee: *two red eyes reappear and from the dark bottom of the stairs, it comes closer to Amaya as she struggles* "How long has it been since Ive tasted one of your blood...far, far too long."

Amaya: *her eyes widen as she pushes herself up against the door, a failed attempt of trying to get away. She lets out a low growl*

Mister Lee: *the shadow gnashes its long, jagged bloodstained teeth*

Amaya: *lashes out at it with her claws* Stay Away!

Inuyasha: Huh? *hears Amaya's faint call* Amaya? Is she still down in the dungeon?

Amaya: INUYASHA!!!!!!

Mister Lee: *her claws run through the shadow as if through smoke and it continues to draw near, until it faces her up close* "Do not prolong the inevitable*

Amaya: *growls, narrowing her eyes* you fucking bastard.........

Inuyasha: Runs over to the basement door and tugs on the door handle* The hell? The things...stuck!! *pulls on the door handle, cursing*

Amaya: *her ears twitch as she looks over her right shoulder* Inuyasha! *turns back, her shadow slowly stretching up her legs to her waist*

Mister Lee: *Amaya's own shadow begins to wrap around her, constricting her painfully*

Amaya: *yelps, her breathing coming out ragged as she continues to try and growl*

Inuyasha: *pulls on the door with all his mite* Damn it!!! *re draws his sword*

Amaya: *passes out from lack of air*

Inuyasha: *backs away from the door, about to run forward and swing his sword when he bumps into the counter, a battery powered flashlight hits the wood floor and turns on, rolling across the floor and shining under the crack of the basement door*

Mister Lee: *the shadow beneath Amaya retreats and releases her*

Inuyasha: *hears something falls down the steps* Amaya!!!!

Amaya: *slumps against the door, her passed out form tumbles down the stairs to the floor*

Inuyasha: *swings his sword and slices the door into splinters*

Inuyasha: *the lights all turn back on*

Amaya: *is laying on the floor, her ankles bleeding from her slash marks*

Inuyasha: *runs down the stairs and sees Amaya slumped at the bottom of the stairs, a dim lightbulb shines above and a hideous face fades into the wall, as does it's laughter*

Mister Lee: "I look forward to becoming better acquainted with you. Until next we meet."

Inuyasha: *growls* Bastard...*looks down at Amaya and kneels down, picking her up and shaking her a little* Amaya!! You okay!!! Ya gotta wake up!! *carries her to the top of the stairs and into the living room*

Inuyasha: *lays Amaya on the couch*

Amaya: *isn't breathing*

Inuyasha: *shakes Amaya more* Hey! Dontcha die on me, got it! Wake up!!!

Amaya: *her lips turn slightly purple, her body limp*

Inuyasha: *panics* Shit..she aint breathin'... *remembers this show he saw on the magic box*

Inuyasha: *holds her nose and quickly breaths some air into her lungs, waiting a few seconds between breaths, and pressing on her lungs with the palm of his hand in between, counting to five or so*

Amaya: *coughs violently, spitting up some blood*

Inuyasha: *moves back as Amaya coughs and runs into the kitchen, searching for a glass and breaking several after he finds one, filling it with water and rushing back to give it to her*

Amaya: *turns onto her side, taking the water and sipping it, a few coughs escaping here and there*

Amaya: *hands him back the glass, her hand shaking*

Inuyasha: *takes the glass* What did that bastard do to you?!

Amaya: he....i dunno.....*winces as pain shoots from her ankles*

Amaya: *looks down, noticing her ankles are practically slashed* ...something had my ankles...but....nothing was there..

Inuyasha: *looks down at her ankles and sees blood flow from deep gashes, some black and blue bruises are also visible*

Amaya: up to my chest and squeezed me so tight...that i blacked out....and...*pauses* What the hell happend.....

Inuyasha: *looks away* Kiri...I found her...she's dead.


Amaya: *her breathing becomes erratic as she shakes her head**tears leak from her eyes* ..that bastard....

Inuyasha: *remains silent for a while and stands, walking over to Kohei's room which is across the room from Amaya and opens the door slowly*

Amaya: *her fists clench as she tries to register what happened*

Inuyasha: I heard somethin' in here, too....*opens the door. A record player playing jazz is skipping and the furniture is thrown about as if there was a struggle. A trail of blood leads to a closed closet, as if something was dragged in there*

Inuyasha: *walks over to the closet, sword in hand and slides the closet door open*

Inuyasha: *A horribly mutilated, partially eaten body falls over, it's jaw torn out and its mangled face wears a terrified expression. Above the body in the closet is written in blood smudges, "Join her in death."*

Inuyasha: *jumps back in shock* The....The hell!!!!!!

Amaya: *wrinkles her nose as she smells an abundance of blood* Find Saku!!!!!

Inuyasha: *nods and runs over to Saku's room* Dontcha move! Stay there, I'll find em'! *slides the door open* Saku? Ya in here? *walks into the room and sees a body slumped in a chair, some blood in the back of his head as if he's been struck* Saku! *notices he's still breathing* Thinks: "So he left em' alive...guess that bastard was only after Kiri and Kohei...."

Amaya: *picks up the scent of saku's blood and starts to panic* Saku!!

Inuyasha: *yells to the open door* He's fine! Just knocked out!

Amaya: *slumps against the sofa on the floor*

Inuyasha: *carries Saku into the living room and sits him on the couch* Water... *runs into the kitchen and searches for a bowl, breaking some more glassware unti, he finds one* Damnit..why is everything so easy to break in this freakin' place?! *fills the bowl with water and finds a clean washcloth in a drawer (after he dumps the silverware drawer ect out onto the floor)* *hands the water bowl and the cloth to Amaya* He hit on the head but I think he'll be okay.

Amaya: *pulls herself onto the sofa, looking down to her ankles, seeing blood pooling on the carpet*

Amaya: *takes the water and washcloth, nodding numbly*

Amaya: *whispers* did i wake up.. *starts to clean the blood from saku's head*

Inuyasha: *hears her whisper to noone in particular* I uh....*Turns around and clears his throat, walking for the door* Look, I'm gonna keep watch. If ya see anything, call. *opens the door and leaps to the roof, sitting on his haunches on the rooftop and waiting for the shadow to return*

Inuyasha: *sits on the roof, looking around at every noise he hears in the night, ready to attack anything that comes near the house* Thinks: That blind lady's dead...but...why didnt I get there in time..I woulda heard something! *leaps down from the roof to check on Amaya and Saku after deciding that Mister Lee had left*

Inuyasha: *walks into the front door and shuts it, walking into the living room* He awake yet?

Amaya: *shakes her head slowly, sniffing and wiping her eyes with the back of her arm* Inuyasha....what happend after I blacked out....

Saku Ronin: *his ears start to register the sounds around him*

Amaya: *looks to inuyasha, noticing him shifting nervously* ...Inuyasha..?

Inuyasha: *looks away* That shadow said he was lookin forward to meetin' us before it left..then I saw ya werent breathin' so I broughtcha up here and ya breath again.

Amaya: *blinks*

Inuyasha: *shrugs* I saw it before on the magic box *turns a little red and crosses his arms, still looking away* Feh! Dontcha know anything!? I gave ya some of my breath n stuff so ya wouldnt die!

Saku Ronin: *ears perk significantly*

Amaya: *blinks seeing his ears perk* Saku..?

Inuyasha: Eh? *notices Saku stir a bit*

Saku Ronin: *his voice weak and raspy*...he did what?!

Amaya: *wraps her arms around Saku, relief flooding through her*

Saku Ronin: *forces his eyes open, trying not to express the physical pain he's in* It was Mister Lee, wasn't it? He was here?

Inuyasha: *turns around and nods, his arms still crossed* Yeah....he killed Kiri and that other guy..Kohei.

Saku Ronin: *sits up slowly, his hand rubbing at the back of his head* Shit.

Amaya: *lowers her head, tears sliding down her cheeks*

Saku Ronin: *with concern*...what about you alright?

Inuyasha: *wrinkles his nose at the smell of freshly killed corpses* Thinks: Damn it all, and Im gonna be the one to bury em', arent I?

Amaya: *says slowly*...i'll live.....*coughs, wiping away some access blood that splattered on her lips*

Inuyasha: *looks at Amaya and Saku* I didnt get a scratch...though I didnt get to kill the bastard...he ran off without fightin‘ *lets out a low, angry growl from his throat and balls a fist* But I'll get em'...just wait and see...

Saku Ronin: By the time I realized something was up...he'd already found me and...*rubs his head again*...knocked me out

Amaya: ...Well, I didn't pick up his scent until he was practically right on top of me.....

Inuyasha: *shakes his head* I didnt smell nothin' either...and by the time I saw somethin' weird I found Kiri...*trails off*

Saku Ronin: *eyes what wounds he can see on Amaya*...Amaya...did he...did he try to kill you?

Amaya: *shrugs slowly* I dunno.....maybe....he said something about not tasting my blood in a long time....then before I knew it something grabbed my ankles...I looked down, nothing was there....and it went up to my chest and squeezed to the point where I blacked out....

Saku Ronin: *sighs thoughtfully* ...then why did he just incapacitate me...?

Inuyasha: I think he wasen't after us....*remembers the writing in blood on the walls: "Finished" and "Joined her in death"* I uh...think he was just after Kiri and Kohei

Amaya: *whispers* he knows me though.........

Saku Ronin: *blinks in realization* ...From the warehouse?

Inuyasha: *looks over to Amaya* Huh?

Amaya: *hangs her head, her bloody hands covering her eyes, as a flashback of the warehouse appears* he...*her hand goes to her neck*......I thought I was dreaming it.. *her hand shakes as she fingers curl against her neck, grabbing a few strings of hair in the process* ...It he....was a form of a vampire.. *takes a deep breath and shakes her head, her hand lowering to her lap*

Inuyasha: Lemme get this straight..He's tasted your blood?!

Amaya: ..Ryu stopped him....the only thing I remember is Ryu saying that he was the one that was going to kill me...not some blood thirsty shadow.

Inuyasha: *grimaces* So he...feeds on blood?

Amaya: *shudders a bit* I gotta get outa this house...the blood is overwhelming...

Saku Ronin: *nods* it probably isn't wise to stay here...but we shouldn't travel by night. And no, Inuyasha...I'm not sure that it's just blood that he feeds on.

Inuyasha: *nods* So ya wanna get some rest while I keep watch some more?

Amaya: there's no way in hell I'm sleeping in this house!

Saku Ronin: *cradles his head as a throbbing headache runs through it*...There's no way I'm sleeping, period.

Inuyasha: *nods* Well I sure as hell ain’t gonna sleep! *remembers the bodies he found earlier and wrinkles his nose as the smell gets to him*

Amaya: um..Inuyasha?

Inuyasha: *grumbles* I gotta go take car of somethin'....*walks into Kiri's room*

Inuyasha: *gathers what's left of Kiri together and gags at the smell, tossing the body out the shattered window and leaping out after it, looking for a place to bury her, digs into the ground frantically and then tosses the mangled body into the hole, Covers the hole up and wipes blood and dirt from himself*
Thinks: "Thats it, huh.No..I gotta say a prayer or somethin', or at least thats what Miroku would do...Heh! Screw it! Is that gonna give her peace after she was eaten?! *begins to walk away and stops as he feels some guilt*

Inuyasha: *looks back at the unmarked grave and reluctantly walks back, bowing slightly and muttering the best prayer he can think of*

Saku Ronin: I’ll be right back *heads out the door, finding Inuyasha outside by the freshly dug and buried grave*

Saku Ronin: *realizes what Inuyasha is doing, and walks up next to him, offering his own prayers silently*

Inuyasha: *Mutters prayer* "I uh...May your spirit or whatever be at peace in the next world and whatnot...."

Saku Ronin: *nods at Inuyasha's words* yes Kiri...may you be granted eternal rest.

Saku Ronin: and for what aid you've rendered us, you have our thanks. *bows*

Inuyasha: *is silent for a few minuets and speaks up* I gotta go bury the other one...*turns away from Kiri's grave and walks for the house, still brushing skin snd blood from himself*

Saku Ronin: hey Inuyasha....

Inuyasha: *turns slightly* Yeah?

Saku Ronin: let me help you *walks over to him*

Inuyasha: *nods and walks into the house* I gotta warn aint a nice site

Saku Ronin: One other thing...thanks for saving Amaya...

Inuyasha: *nods* Don't mention it...

Saku Ronin: *slyly and half-jokingly* but if you ever pull something like that while i'm around...I will hurt you!

Inuyasha: *opens the door to Kohei's room. A record player playing jazz is skipping and the furniture is thrown about as if there was a struggle. A trail of blood leads to a closed closet, as if something was dragged in there*

Saku Ronin: *all semblance of jest and such fall from his face as he looks at Kohei's remains*

Inuyasha: *A horribly mutilated, partially eaten body lies in the closet, it's jaw torn out and its mangled face wears a terrified expression. Above the body in the closet is written in blood smudges, "Join her in death."*

Inuyasha: *bites his lip and lifts the corpse over his shoulder quickly*

Saku Ronin: *shoulders part of the body behind him, shuddering and refusing to look any further*

Inuyasha: *carries the body outside, growing nauseous at the scent of so much blood*

Inuyasha: *drops the body on the grass and wipes his nose, wiping some blood on his face in the process, he begins gagging, overwhelmed by the smell*

Saku Ronin: *wrinkles his nose, contemplating changing shape to not have a nose, but thinks better of it, and quickly digs a hole in the ground*

Inuyasha: *becomes a bit dizzy and leans against a tree, coughing*

Saku Ronin: *turns aside and vomits, the scent of death overwhelming him*

Inuyasha: *regains his senses and starts to dig the hole Saku started*

Saku Ronin: *coughs, removing his shirt and wiping his face with it* sorry

Inuyasha: *coughs a little and blinks* Dont worry about it..smell's gettin to me too. *picks up Kohei's body and lets it tumbles into the hole and begins covering it up quickly*

Saku Ronin: *joins Inuyasha in burying Kohei's body*

Amaya: *slowly stands up, and walks to the slider that leads to the back yard*

Inuyasha: *packs the dirt down after covering up the hole*

Saku Ronin: *with a sigh, kneels by the grave and prays again*

Amaya: *crosses her arms over her chest, watching the two silently*

Saku Ronin: *rises slowly, wiping blood and dirt from his hands on his shirt*

Inuyasha: *lowers his head also and mumbles another prayer*

Inuyasha: *rises and begins wiping more blood from himself also*

Amaya: *her ears twitch slightly hearing them, a sad look in her eyes*

Inuyasha: that thats outta the way....We gonna stay here till mornin'? *growls* I dont mind goin after Mister Lee...

Saku Ronin: *shakes head* neither do I...

Saku Ronin: *walks back inside and gets Amaya's backpack ,stocking it with food and such that he scrounges up in the kitchen*

Amaya: *glances to Inuyasha* Hey...Inuyasha..?

Inuyasha: Yeah?

Amaya: ..thanks..

Inuyasha: *nods*

Amaya: *stands up, her arms again crossed over her chest as she walks to the front door, waiting*

Inuyasha: *walks to the front door, followed by Saku*

Saku Ronin: *hefts Amaya's backpack on his shoulders and walks out, catching up to amaya, slipping her hand in his*

Amaya: *grips his hand, staying silent as they walk away from the house*

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