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Perhaps my son imagines himself to be one of them…a human


My son refuses to speak with me about his true heritage once again. I believe he is still in shock from witnessing my previous feedings, which he shouldn’t be. We need flesh as a form of sustenance. It’s not a matter of satisfying one’s hunger for blood but a matter of survival.

Today he emerged from the office room he locked himself in and had the courage to come and speak with me, if only for a short while:

Mister Lee: [sits on the end of a long table in a dark storage room that has been converted into a dining area. In the center of the table burns a single pillar candle, the light of which causes the shadows of all objects in the room to dance on the surrounding walls] “I know you are here. Make yourself known.”

Kazumasa: [hesitates and walks forward into the dim light, cringing a bit as it shines on him]

Mister Lee: [looks up from his meal, which is a large piece of bloody raw meat on a china plate] “I see the light makes you uncomfortable. It will pass soon enough. One must suffer such things to gain an immunity to them.” [raises a sharp knife and stabs into the meat on his plate, slicing through it.]

Kazumasa: [hears the scrape of the knife against the porcelain plate, the sound generating a shiver down his spine] “Who…Who are you? Why have you brought me here?”

Mister Lee: “I already told you this before but, perhaps you do not like to listen. You are my son.” [continues to scrape the knife on the plate and lifts a piece of bloody meat with a fork, blood dripping from it as he lifts it from the plate]

Kazumasa: “I uh…see you like your steak rare. I also notice you like western utensils…I don’t use chopsticks either…” [chuckles nervously as the shadowy figure at the table lifts his red eyes from his meal to look at him]

Mister Lee: [pauses] “Steak. Who ever said I ate such a thing.” [pushes the bloody flesh into his mouth, his razor like teeth tearing it apart]

Kazumasa: [backs away a bit] “It’s not…steak?”

Mister Lee: “My apologies. I did not offer you anything. There is plenty here, help yourself.” [gestures to a serving tray on the center of the table]

Kazumasa: Thinks: “That’s right. I haven’t eaten anything in days it seems like…I…I suppose it couldn’t hurt to see what it is..” [walks towards the serving tray cautiously and lifts the handle of the silver tray cover] “This….this is!!!!!” [drops the tray cover and it clatters to the floor] “That’s…..THAT’S A FACE!!! IM NOT EATING THAT!”

Mister Lee: “It has been well prepared. Does it not appetize you any?” [continues devouring the bloodied piece of human flesh]


Mister Lee: [sighs and speaks again in a raspy tone] “Very well. I will have an animal prepared for you. A “steak” perhaps. From there you will be weaned from animal flesh to human. I will not have a son who refuses to intake that which will give him proper strength.”

Kazumasa: [turns and leans against the wall as he feels intense nausea come over him] “I…I don’t eat meat. I gave it up a long time ago. I’m…I’m a vegetarian.”

Mister Lee: [drops his knife and looks up in shock] “I don’t find this humorous.”

Kazumasa: “I don’t care if you find it humorous or not! It’s my choice what I eat! I don’t eat meat and the last thing I’d eat is a person!”

Mister Lee: [stands from the table abruptly and narrows his eyes] “Such a stubborn one you are. No different than who she named you after, are you?”

Kazumasa: “Who is it you keep saying I’m named after anyway?” [closes his eyes as another wave of nausea comes over him] Thinks: “That smell…I can smell the blood from here…It’s just like the last time. But…no! I don’t want to eat it! I…I have to get out of here…” [turns away and walks for the large iron door, sliding it open and walking through]

Mister Lee: “Leaving are you, Kazumasa?” [his tone becomes stern as he speaks Kazumasa’s name]

Kazumasa: “Damn right I’m leaving! Are you going to stop me?”

Mister Lee: [turns away] “No.” [the iron door slams shut as Kazu leaves the room and he sits back in his chair] Thinks: “A vegetarian? One of my blood? Ridiculous…I won‘t allow it!”

Foolishness! To refuse eating flesh and to live the life of a vegetarian! It is no wonder he grows weaker by the day. Perhaps my son imagines himself to be one of them…a human. If that is the case, it is a dishonor to his ancestors…Those who fell to accursed sunlight so many centuries ago.

I was left to my thoughts and grew angry. Memories came to me that hadn’t surfaced in years…Mitomi

I came to my senses when I was informed by one of my men that Kiri had boarded an airplane for Asahikawa.

Mister Lee: [turns towards the door as it slides open] “What is it now?”

Henchman: “Sir, we have information that Kiri is attempting to flee the area. She is boarding a flight for Asahikawa as we speak.”

Mister Lee: “I am well aware. How predictable that she would seek refuge from her only contact…Kohei.”

Henchman: “Should I have a car ready, sir?”

Mister Lee: “No. She may flee to her heart’s content, but she will never escape.”

I must take my leave for Asahikawa. I will claim the life of that traitorous woman and her associate. Very soon, all will be resolved.
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