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Well I found Kagome or rather she caught me tailin her. I was just amkin sure she was alright. Then that wierd Miko came along. The one that smells like dead people. *shudders* Man she creeps me out. Were on dog turnd trail now. During the search I noticed his scent changed. Must a been a new moon or somethin. I remember runnin into the puppy a couple other times when he was human. I almost feel sorry for him. Almost,.. Anyway im on his trail again I know hes close cuase I heard screamin. No to mention on our hunt I picked up a newspaper bout some human brats seein a severed human head. Thats got Dog craps name written all over it. Kagomes gettin nervous. I keep assurin her we'll find him before he does anything really stupid.If not well then,..I'll comfort her over her loss. *grins* Now if only I could get rir a this Kinkyho was it,..oh no Kikyo thats right. Wait a sec I remember somethin about her bein dog craps ex. So whys she round my Kagome? She better not be plannin nuthin or else Ill kill er, an ill make sure shes dead for good this time too. Havent smelt that Jakotsu thing around , I guess thats a good thing for now,..If he does show his ugly face round here again hes toast. I hope Ayames doin okay with Ginta and Hakkaku.
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