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Im still with Rin at the hospital. Poor Maggie got shot by one a those things Kagome calls a gun. I hope shes okay. Rins really worried and so am I. Im also kinda worried that Inuyasha doesn't like me anymore. I couldn't just leave Rin. That stupid toad is always mean to her and he always loses her. I didn't want her to get lost without me there to protect her. I miss Sango and Kagome,.. Kagome was the best,.she used to sing to me sometimes so I'd fall asleep,..just like my mom did when I was a Kit. And Sango used to play games with me, hide the staff from Miroku or tag or even hide and seek. Sangos really pretty when she smiles I hope she still is. I hope Kagome isnt too sad without me and that Inuyasha treats her right. I hope Miroku is staying out of trouble. Sango will see to that I guess. Sesshoumarus not so bad once ya get used to him. He's kinda grumpy but then so is Inuyasha. Theyre a lot alike,..but if they heard that id be toast. He still doesn't like me around though. *sighs* I just hope we can go see if Maggies okay soon. I shoulda tried to protect her better too.I guess I should go back to Kagomes now.

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